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From: Charrissa Cawley, Real Estate Power Investor
Subject: Your Future

First, welcome to the only Real Estate Wealth building program that matters. Second, I urge you to make sure you read this whole page before leaving. It could mean the difference between continuing the rat race you hate to death, and changing your life for the better forever!

Are you currently 'happy' with your day to day routine? Would you live your life a little bit differently if you didn't have to worry about having enough 'time' or 'money' to make sure your family and future were secured? If you're like most people, you would do ANYTHING to finally be able to drop that crappy 9-5 'just over broke' job, and generate three times the amount of money you do now, with only 1-2 hours of real work a day working for nobody but yourself. Imagine the freedom, no staff, no office, no boss, and no more 'routine'...

This would mean time with your family, time for vacations (and the money to do it!), all those goals you've set for yourself financially turning into reality, and let's face it - just a much better, less stressful, and more rewarding day to day life!

Sound good? Let me tell you it's more than good, it's GREAT! I've been living this dream for a few years now and watched hundreds of my students grow to be huge power investors under my wing. The best part is, these are NORMAL and EVERY DAY people just like you, they're not Harvard graduates, they are not the 'top of the business class', they simply have a heart, a brain, and a passion to finally take control of their lives.

IT DOESN'T MATTER what your experience level or background is with real estate, the information that I'm about to share with you has the power to dramatically change your life for the better in under 30 days, here's proof:

The Four BIGGEST MISTAKES New Investors Make
No Matter What - Don't Let This Happen To you!

So by now you're probably wondering why and how all these skill sets and blessings have fallen into my lap... Well the truth is THEY DIDN'T. In fact, before starting to achieve my successful streak, I was out over $160,000 for a formal education, and had absorbed every guru/teacher's seminars with detail... And still, I was unable to really do anything because I suffered from these four devastating mistakes...

Some might be tempted to take these as signs of failure, however being the smart investor you are, you know that trial and error are what separates those that simply make projections and suggestions, from those that have been there, done that, and simply 'know' what's best from personal experience.

So, here it goes - not rocket science, but mess these up and you'll NEVER make it in this industry.

1. The market: Never invest unless there is a STRONG rental market with good potential for long-term positive cash flow/income. Weak markets often predict short term risky returns with little room to maneuver.

2. Do NOT overspend on your investment. Meaning that if you can't get it at a great price, DON'T TOUCH IT! No matter how much 'future appreciation' a property might have, this is asking to get burned later!

3. STOP CHASING the same dime. Motivated sellers CAN be a little goldmine if you focus on them exclusively, however this is going to eat up your time, and you are going to find yourself in a bad deal sooner than later. I have a turn-key system that goes far beyond the success of quick movers & shakers.

4. Too much talking, not enough walking. This was the hardest one for me to get over, stopping my research and simply TAKING ACTION! Too many people talking a big game, and even if they truly know what they are talking about, nothing attracts success more than being a motivated go-getter that doesn't talk too much, but acts fast, swift, and often.

If some of this stuff translates into your life, and or you can relate to it with your current career path, then it's time you consider a true change for the better.

Here, take a look & listen to some of the advantages of living the life of a virtual real estate power investor.

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Imagine banking more than 90% of the world's population does in a year, with ONE deal!

Once You Understand The Formula,
You'll Have What It Takes To A Power Investor!

The Current Economic Crisis. . .

Unfortunately, most families in the United States are finding it more and more difficult to make ends meet. As more and more committed citizen's lose their jobs and security, millions of people have been pressed into looking for alternative means to money. All this because our economy needs people to 'work' for 'the man' in order to keep the hamster wheel going...

This is unfortunately what happens when you work for someone else. Your security and future lies in the hands of your employer. Do you really feel that YOU are in control of your life in this setting? You're NOT, just ask any of the millions that have been handed a pink slip after xx loyal years working for a brand they didn't like to begin with, but it paid ok...

So STOP this insanity before it even starts. Don't wait for some economic analyst to tell you that 'things are only going to get worse from here', take action today, and gain control again by yourself.

Being your own boss has SO MANY perks and advantages that go far beyond the money you can make... It's the feeling of waking up knowing you are in charge, knowing that it's YOUR time, YOUR efforts, and YOUR rewards 100%. You can work from your bedroom, your beach-house, cottage, or heck if you've had a great month you can NOT work at all for a few weeks and enjoy some fun in the sun or another vacation...

Let's be realistic though, most people are scared to death to simply stop and drop everything to pursue un chartered territory right? That's perfectly fine, I even suggest that for those on the fence, you get into this by getting your toes wet at first - this business model is fully doable on a part-time basis, and once you have the fundamentals down that's all the time you will need to devote in order to gain full time pay (and then some). Cautiously and slowly growing your wealth and earning enough to finally leave the nest for good, and never return.

You can become a skilled real estate investor without even having to be on location for most of your deals. This is the beauty of remote access and virtual assistants... I'd also like to add that NO MATTER HOW BAD the recession gets, it's times like these that turn our markets upside down which opens up a plethora of opportunities out there for property investors. Basically, right now there is an absolute gold mine out there which I and many others are capitalizing on. In fact we are doing a good thing by keeping the RE economy sector moving forward and stopping a domino effect of further chaos to some degree... So no, there is no need to ask "Charrissa, is your business suffering right now?". Because the answer is no, my business is booming during this downturn.


Recent Power Investment - In One Day
(Once you see the formula, you'll be amazed at how easy this is to do virtually and how fast you can close deals)

Want To Finally See How I Do It? Welcome To . . .
. . . The Real Estate Power Investor Course . . . Ready?

Module 1: (audio at 11 minutes)
Foreclosure Finder Secrets

You can stop thinking 'location location', and start thinking 'overall investment/value' instead. I do my best to teach you how to spot a winner from a mile away, and alternatively, which investments to stay clear from right away.

Locating the perfect investment property will have many obstacles and unclear predictions, get this wrong and you'll have a bunch of crappy inventory you won't be able to move or sell...


Module 2: (audio: 85 minutes + PDF Report)
Researching Potential Investments

This lesson is critical for taking the many properties you find in your property searches and analyze them to find the winners. You’re like a prospector sifting for gold and this lesson is your sieve to separate the dirt and rocks from the gold nuggets.

How to identify the right markets based on home prices and rental rates (plus an affordable-housing crunch to fuel a strong rental waiting list)

How to pull accurate comps to determine approximate market value on properties in question

Some of my favorite free research websites for researching investment properties and neighborhood


Module 3: (audio: 39 minutes + PDF Report)

his lesson is pretty straight-forward and simple. This is how to find and hire a good inspector so you can invest from 2,000 miles away, sight-unseen. Your inspector is important part of your team and an important part of the 10-step process.

Whether you should choose an inspector who’s a member of the national inspector associations or not.

What you should ask for from your inspector’s reports.

What you should be paying for your single-family residential appraisals.

Some tips to pass along to your inspector to get the best information possible on your proper.

Module 4: (audio: 26 minutes + PDF Report)
Financial Analysis

This is an absolutely critical step in the process. In fact, it is probably the most important step to know what your offer price should be on any given property. You need to be able to determine what is a good deal, what is a great deal, and what are the deals that you should immediately walk away from.

The very simple mathematical formula for determining the return on any subject property.

How to do a CAP-rate analysis and what it means for your investment portfolio.


Module 5: (audio: 66 minutes + PDF Report)
Negotiating & Making Offers

his is a special interview with the top two REO Real Estate Agents in the entire Nation because they make hundreds of offers each week.

The two agents are actually brothers out of St Louis and in addition to being top agents, they are also investors themselves so they understand our side of the table. Because they have so much experience with making offers, I interviewed them so they could share some of that experience.

What kind of contracts and addendums to use and what do look out for before signing a contract

How to know what types of banks are willing to negotiate more and when.

How to arrive at the best possible price, and when to present evidence to justify a low offer price.

When and how to ask for price-reductions if something with the house turns out different when you first put an offer on it.


Module 6: (audio: 98 minutes + PDF Report)
Perfect Buys & Wholesaling

his is almost like a part two for the previous lesson of negotiating and making offers because I address some of the common issues that could come up in a purchase, and the best ways to protect yourself from a bad property.

he all-in-one trump card you'll want to have in your back pocket to protect you whenever you're making offers and purchasing investment property.

How to earn a few thousand dollars extra by wholesaling investment property. This is almost the bonus to this lesson here. Sometimes when I’m training I get distracted and run off on different tangents, as I did in this case. This tangent here turned out to be some good information and training on wholesaling and making some quick money with it. Hope you enjoy it.


Module 7: (audio: 76 minutes + PDF Report)
Rehabbing And Appraisals

This lesson covers a lot, there’s no other way about it. I recommend that you listen and go through this particular training at least two or three times for review. This is the step in the process that a lot of investors get burned, but there are good ways to protect yourself when working with contractors.

How to shave down the costs of each rehab bid you receive (and save thousands of dollars usually)

How to prepare the bids if you're wholesaling the property for quick cash.

What kind of agreements to use with contractors and the carrot-and-stick method for keeping contractors honest with their completion deadline.

Module 8: (audio: 76 minutes + PDF Report)

Appraisals: This is getting to the home stretch now in the 10-step process and the guidelines have recently changed with regard to residential appraisals so you need to stay up to date here. This is a long training session, and only a portion of it is dedicated to appraisals, but some of my prior coaching students asked me some good questions and I wanted to share the answers in this lesson as well.

How and when to hire an appraiser yourself, and when you're not allowed to.

How to identify and choose the right comps to determine after-repair-value.

How to do your proper due-diligence when pegging property values even before you get an appraisal.

Module 9: (audio: 86 minutes + PDF Report)
Refinance And Cash-Out

This is a special interview session and very important lesson because the lending market is changing every week and has already changed by leaps and bounds the last six months. In this training I interviewed Jason Palliser, one of the top mortgage brokers in the entire country.

He arranges literally hundreds of investor loans each and every year and is on top of his game at all times. Pay close attention to this material, please. It will certainly affect you as an investor, and even if you're wholesaling properties, this will help you know what your clients are encountering for financing in this market.


Module 10: (audio: 65 minutes + PDF Report)
The Best Exit Strategies

As with anything, it helps if you start with the end in mind. While this is the last lesson, it needs to be approaches with the attitude of beginning with the end in mind.

There are many options available for realizing profit with an investment property: wholesaling, refi-cash-out, tax-deffered-exchanging, lease-optioning, flipping, renting for long-term cash-flow. Some of these options work best in different markets and each has its advantages.





Bonus #1
Improving Credit & Reducing Debt

This is a special lesson where I interviewed a gentleman named David Cheek, and expert in the credit restoration business. These days, as an investor, you will need a minimum score of 700 to be able to take out refinance loans to hold property.

How to build and maintain a 700+ credit score.

How to erase mistakes on your credit profile that are costing you valuable points.

What credit-monitoring services to use.


Bonus #2
Exclusive Real Estate Resources

If you thought that all you needed to do was bookmark a few sites, you're wrong. While it's not a huge list, there is more than enough exclusively compiled information and quick links in this guide to cover EVERY single angle of your investment portfolio and objectives at each step and level you achieve.

This is like having a mini pocket black book to look up anytime you either get stuck or aren't sure how to proceed. The resources are current, credible, and I've personally cherry picked this info so you know it's not just rehashed!



Bonus #3
Hiring & Managing Virtual Assistants

This lesson alone (hiring virtual assistants for me real estate business) has saved me dozens of hours a month in searching for the right investment deals. I used to spend hours and hours online looking for good deals and running numbers, but now my virtual assistants do all that for me at a rate of less than $5/hour. I’ll show you what I do.

Where to go to find the best virtual assistants.

How to select, interview, and hire top-quality assistants and bargain-basement prices.

How to manage them and what to tell them to do to streamline your property search activities.

Bonus #4
Real Estate Home Values Analyzer Robot Software...

This software will help you quickly determine a property’s value and identify the relevant comps so that you'll be armed with the right information as you do your property research.

Automatically pulls comps and values from my three favorite research websites.

Prints a PDF report that you can save to your computer for easy reference when comparing properties and making offers.

**Not to mention that there is EVEN MORE unadvertised bonuses that I'm including as well, however you'll just have to get your copy in order to see what they are...

"Ok Charrissa, How Much Is This All Going To Cost Me?"

It doesn't matter what you compare this to or how you look at it, there is a LOT of training materials and resources here... In the past I've written similar curriculum for my students and for others for as much as $4,000 for training and coaching this in depth...

However, you might want to hurry with your decision making because once these seats are gone, they are gone for good! So - put that $4,000 away and listen up, I'm about to make you a deal you cannot refuse.

See, when it comes to pricing structures and how to place hard value on something, it's difficult to do when it comes to valuable information or education... so I consulted with my business associates, past students, friends, and family about this offer to make sure I was being fair yet realistic.

Over the past 10 years, I've spent well over $160,000 of my own hard earned money. I grabbed the best of the best in books, tapes, CD's, DVD's, attended seminars, took coaching from the best, heck you name it - I've done it, bought it, and can recite the best parts of it... I've sacrificed a large chunk of my life to learn this business inside out! I've even pulled many 80 hour weeks away from my family and friends just so my deals would be flawless and fruitful.

So putting all that into perspective, and considering that when you get your copy of the Real Estate Power Investor program you'll be investing in a COMPLETE front to back success blueprint, along with in-house support systems to help make sure you understand and can fulfill all the tasks in my materials...

My thoughts took me all over the place regarding what to finally charge for this comprehensive jam packed course... and I figured that $1,297 would be a realistic number that most people wouldn't think twice about once they saw what they were getting... However just when I was about to make it final, I got another, bigger, brighter idea...

The good news is that I went even lower,
much much lower

... I'm not going to be charging anyone the $1,297 just yet.

In fact, I'm not going to be charging $999 or even $500 for this...

The best news on this page is that for a limited time while we fill the rest of our early bird spots, I'm going to let you steal this from me at a ridiculously low price of only..... $299 NOPE.

Even at $300, I know I could sell out of these in a matter of weeks or even days, however I want YOU, and others like you that normally would shy away from this opportunity, to jump at the chance of success today...

So screw it - I'm going to give YOU the chance RIGHT NOW - to get this WHOLE kit for a measly... $97!

That's right! Less than 10% of what it should be selling for.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ! The REPI Package below is a full blown online digital course that is available IMMEDIATELY on the following page. Once you pay, you will be able to start right away and all your files will be available to you without having to wait for the mail, pay for shipping/handling, or worry about the mailman screwing up...

The Only Thing Left To Do For You Today,
Is To Finally. . . . . . . .TAKE ACTION!!

Like anything in life - the choice is completely yours! All I can do is point you in the right direction and hope that you were smart enough to listen and act on your instincts today. You can continue to live your life the way you do now, and keep achieving the same results, or you can finally do something about your life, and change it for the better. After all, you wouldn't be on this page if life was peachy keen, I know, I used to be there, I used to be YOU.

I urge you to make one of the best decisions you can make today, invest in YOURSELF, your FUTURE, and start making that change for the better NOW!

Stop procrastinating and remember that this is backed by a 100% refund policy so if you don't succeed I'm insisting that you let me give you ALL your hard earned money right BACK!

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